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Foreign Customers From Oceania Fiji Islands
Foreign customers from Oceania Fiji Islands came to visit our company on June 13th, 2012. Our guests successively inspected our warehouses, workshops and raw material storages, who also fully affirmed our company's scale development. The main goal of our customers' coming was to inspect the four wheel mobile elevating work platform. After the conversation, we understood their needs and told them that our company could customize their product, which was highly recognized by our foreign customers.

A Factory Visit From Indian Customers
The general manager of our company warmly greeted our Indian customers coming from afar, and then took them to visit our company's workshops and warehouses with his patient introduction about our product and our company's advantages on April 23rd, 2012. Besides, our general manager Wang arranged our staffs to operate and demonstrate the elevating work platform. Indian customers took great interest in our company's walking and collapsible aerial work platform, self propelled elevating work platform, fully automatic hydraulic lifting work platform and aluminum alloy hydraulic aerial work platform. Also, they expressed that they were very willing to have long term and close cooperation with our company. Finally, our general manager showed great sincerity to bring customers to the office for business cooperation. Our customers gave a high evaluation to our product quality, and the whole conversation process is very smooth.

Main Products
  • Vehicle Mounted Elevating PlatformSJPT-SC series vehicle mounted elevating platform combines the characteristics of four wheel mobile and two wheel traction by employing automobile chassis as platform underframe. Besides, our product makes use of automobile engine as motive power, so it can not only travel but also drive the elevating platform, widely applied to urban construction, oil field, traffic, municipal construction and other industries.
  • Walking and Collapsible Aerial Work PlatformWalking and collapsible aerial work platform is extensively applicable to stations, wharves, public buildings and other fields where requires for working at height. It is characterized by convenient to move, easy to operate, a large amount of work, excellent balanced performance and so on. Under the situation of rough road, our product can be sustained by either four legs or only one leg. Besides, this walking and collapsible aerial work platform has achieved the certificates of both ISO9001:2008 and CE.