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  • Fully Automatic Lifting Work PlatformFully automatic lifting work platform adopts maintenance free lifting arm sleeves, po wder coating, as well nickel plated bolt pin to increase the wear resistance of shaft pin and prolong the service life of lifting platform. Furthermore, its low noise allows the operators to work in a quiet working environment, and its steering system of large angle can provide outstanding maneuverability.
  • Mobile Elevating Work PlatformSJPT series mobile elevating work platform is manual type with the elevating power of double phases or three phases. Its control way is divided into manual and electric power. Besides, it is equipped with hand pump for the power outage. Our mobile elevating work platform is flexible to move, steady elevation, convenient to operate and so on, mainly applicable to factory, mechanism, store, building, decoration, museum, conference center and other industry.
  • Self Propelled Hydraulic Elevating Work PlatformSJPT-ZX series self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform possesses the function of walking and elevation, controlling the walking direction with steeling wheel. Also, its walking speed can be adjusted, equipped with brakes. There are many ways to carry out walking and lifting, including battery operated DC motor, AC motor or diesel engine, as well as wireless electronic remote control. Without manual traction or external power supply, ...
  • Single Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformHJPT series single mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform is an indoor facility, widely applied to star hotels, supermarkets and other industries for work high above the ground in halls and workshops. It possesses the balanced elevation, convenient to operate, the ability to enter the ordinary hall, free to enter the elevator, small electricity consumption, no pollution, no damage to ground and no dead ends at work, used for wall work.
  • Double Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformHHJPT series double mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform, composed of high strength and quality aluminum materials, is characterized by beautiful design, up and down balance system, convenient operation, free to enter hall and elevator, low electricity consumption, no pollution, reliability, no damage to ground at work, etc.
  • Four Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformFour mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform is refined by high strength materials. It features lightsome appearance, excellent stability, flexible operation, big load, large area of platform, convenient to pull. Also, it can bring into play the highest lifting capacity in the extremely tiny space. Besides, this elevating work platform is characterized by overly small deflection and swing.
  • Fixed Aerial Work Platform Besides, our fixed aerial work platform has such advantages as smooth elevation, elegant appearance, steady structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and highly efficient performance, plus easy to maintain, large output and timely delivery. It can be mainly used for industrial and mining enterprises, production line in logistic industry and medical industry. In other industry, this work platform provides the functions of transporting goods ...
  • Tow Behind Hydraulic Elevating PlatformSJPT-QY series tow behind hydraulic elevating platform is convenient and flexible, plus safe and reliable by adoption of external power as traction as well as electric motor or small diesel engine for motive power. It is mainly used in oil, electricity, post and telecommunications and other industries for field working at height.
  • Vehicle Mounted Elevating PlatformSJPT-SC series vehicle mounted elevating platform combines the characteristics of four wheel mobile and two wheel traction by employing automobile chassis as platform underframe. Besides, our product makes use of automobile engine as motive power, so it can not only travel but also drive the elevating platform, widely applied to urban construction, oil field, traffic, municipal construction and other industries.
  • Walking and Collapsible Aerial Work PlatformWalking and collapsible aerial work platform is extensively applicable to stations, wharves, public buildings and other fields where requires for working at height. It is characterized by convenient to move, easy to operate, a large amount of work, excellent balanced performance and so on. Under the situation of rough road, our product can be sustained by either four legs or only one leg. Besides, this walking and collapsible aerial work platform has achieved ...
  • Track Type LifterTrack type lifter is non scissors of hydraulic elevating mechanical equipment, used for floor to floor product transportation in industrial premises with two or three floors, dining halls and restaurants. With its minimum height of 150 to 300mm, our product is especially suitable for workplaces where excavation is not allowed. Furthermore, various forms of our product are available, including single column, double columns and four columns.
  • Fixed Loading RampIn order to meet distinct needs of customers, special design has been adopted for our fixed loading ramp in such aspects as appearance, size, load bearing and more. With manual hydraulic mechanism, our product can still work during power cut or maintenance. Also, it can automatically adjust its height according to different models and the carriage changes on loading process.
  • Mobile Loading RampOur mobile loading ramp adopts special shaped steel pipe, tailor made diamond shaped grid slab and skid plate. Besides, with waveform steel mesh structure, it fully guarantees the superior skid resistant performance and also makes the forklift better climbing ability and maneuverability. Furthermore, the configured brake pad can effectively prevent the shifting of hydraulic loading ramp during cargo handling. Also, it is convenient to adjust the length of chains in order to make our ...
  • Single Ladder Stop Type Hydraulic Lift PlatformSJPT-A series single ladder stop type hydraulic lift platform is the most common but also the most practical product in our daily life, which makes working in the air no longer a trouble for operators.
  • Double Ladder Stop Type Hydraulic Lift PlatformSJPT-B series double ladder stop type hydraulic lift platform is a newly designed product by adoption of double speed descending system. Its maximum lifting height is 35 meters. Besides, our product is characterized by stability, reliability, beautiful appearance and easy operation.
  • Tilting Hydraulic Elevator PlatformSJPT series tilting hydraulic elevator platform is an ideal product applied in large exhibition centers and tall buildings. Its operating height is over 20 meters and its maximum elevator height can reach up to 35 meters. Besides, it adopts imported wireless remote operation. When the fuel tank is dumped, our product can not only freely enter the gate but also be convenient to place and maintain.
  • Multidirectional Lifting Work PlatformThere are three directions of movement in our multidirectional lifting work platform. One direction is the longitudinal movement along the ground track. Another is the oscillation movement along the double columns. The other direction is the horizontal scalability movement perpendicular to the column. Thus, this multidirectional lifting work platform achieves the demand for three dimensional movements.
  • Aloft Work LightSJPT-ZM series aloft work light is a combination of Philips, Shanghai Yaming Joint Venture and homegrown lights, which includes manganese steel scissor and aluminum alloy single column luxury light. Also, according to the detailed requirements of users, we can apply Mitsubishi, HGR or domestic generating units to our aloft work light. The generating unit can be divided into starting type, electric starting type, water cooling type and air cooling type.
  • Hydraulic Elevating Platform for Parking LotHydraulic elevating platform for parking lot entirely adopts steel structure module, which can be applied to downtown area, municipal administrative engineering, office building, hotels and commercial building, and residential quarters. It features fully automatic PLC control and easy to operate. Especially it is suitable for the basement or underground parking lot with its net height of above 3.6 meters.
  • Roll Changer for Steelworks Rolling MillRoll changer for steelworks rolling mill, as battery type self running lifter, is an ideal mechanical product to change the rolling mill rollers. It is convenient to shift and flexible to turn around with the maximum running speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour and the ability of lifting and left or right moving. Moreover, our product features high precision, novel design, simple use and smooth motion.
  • Blast Furnace Tuyere Maintenance Lift TruckBlast furnace tuyere maintenance lift truck is battery kind of self running lifting device. Through the control of lifting gear and horizontal shifter, it can effectively make the platform move to the appropriate position, which not only reduces the labor strength of workers, but also improves the work efficiency. Besides, specific specification and model is available if the customer requires.
  • Blast Furnace Air Duct Maintenance Lift TruckBlast furnace air duct maintenance lift truck is a battery type self running lifter. Its chassis can effectively control our product to move to the blast furnace air duct. When loading or unloading, our lift truck is also able to be moved to the appropriate position by lifting gear so as to replace the air duct, which also improves the work efficiency. In accordance with our customers' needs, we can design and manufacture specific model and specification.
  • Revolving StageRevolving stage adopts the means of cycloidal pin wheel driving friction wheel to rotate. Its rotation driving device, which is the most popular currently, can be divided into four types, including friction wheel drive, steel wire strong traction drive, rotor drive and gear drive. Friction wheel drive, as one of the common revolting stages, works by the operation of rotary actuator leading the operation of friction wheel, and the work of friction wheel leading the rotation of platform surface. This way features low noise. Besides, the rotary center, no matter disc type or cylinder type, ...
  • Vehicle Maintenance Lifting PlatformOur vehicle maintenance lifting platform is characterized by small volume, low height, large carrying capacity, easy to hold up the relay of 5 tons, simple to install, disassemble, transport and remove and so on. It improves the initial disadvantage of artificial moving and no lifting space, which not only liberates the labor force but also significantly raises the work efficiency. Thus, our product is an ideal product for vehicle installation and maintenance.

Our company mainly produces fully automatic lifting work platform, mobile elevating work platform, self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform, aluminum alloy hydraulic aerial work platform, track type lifter and so on. Our product features a variety of types, extensive application, beautiful design and high technology, used for plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment inspection, property management, warehouse, aviation, airports, ports, railway stations, gas stations, stadiums, museums, galleries and other industries. Also, we can comply with the demands of users to design and manufacture the hydraulic elevating work platform with specific size, carrying capacity, different power forces and explosion proof electronic products.

Advantages of our company are extremely obvious. Firstly, our product has low price but reliable quality, which has been awarded Shandong famous brand and Shandong Province famous trademark. Furthermore, we provide one year of free maintenance. Next, our company can provide advanced production equipment, strong technical power, reasonable technological process and complete detection means. We have our specialized research and development department, and our high technology of product has achieved eleven invention patents and utility models approved by International Science and Technology Bureau. Finally, our company is located in Jinan city Jiyang county elevating work platform industrial park near the logistics park and national highway 220, which is convenient to transport. Jiyang County is well known in manufacturing elevating work platform in China.